How to Make Money with Your High-Quality Content using is an easy-to-use tool for content creators, knowledge workers, and small businesses to create engaging content.

Now, besides creating the content for you and your audience, you can also start earning for your content by joining to our affiliate program. Our affiliate program uses Rewardful to track the visits, leads, and conversions.

Some affiliates have made hundreds of bucks by simply sharing their links and content:

Benefits of our affiliate program:

  1. Monthly payouts to your PayPal account.
  2. Third-party tracking and payment system. 100% transparency.
  3. Share your content, social posts, or videos as well so you will get a higher conversion.

Here are the 5 easy steps to onboard and start earning:

Step 1: Onboard to Rewardful

You can use this link to onboard to Rewardful: Then follow the simple steps to get onboarding. You may need a PayPal account to receive payouts.

Once you finished onboarding, you will be able to see your sharing link like this:

In this example, quan is the rewardful token.

All of the links that start with and end with ?via=<your_token> will be considered valid. For example, these links are also valid:

Step 2: Add Your Rewardful Token to ChatSlide

Copy your rewardful token and paste it into the affiliate section of the account page:

Don’t forget to click Update.

After that, all your share links will end with?via=<your_token>. And the conversions will be tracked.

Step 3: Create Your Content

You can create any kind of content that your audience might like, it could be a coaching video related to goal-setting, or it could be a tutorial deck about how to do SEO. It is up to you.

Here are some blogs about how to create your content on our platform:

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How to Create Engaging Coaching Videos with Personalized Avatars in

Step 4: Share Your Links and Content

Once you finished creating your content, you can share it by clicking the share button

Then you will see a link with the project ID and your token

Notice the via=quan at the end of the link

When users open the link, they will be prompted to join